Friday, 16 December 2016

Lil Herb Songs - TOP 12

lil herb or Herbert Wright was born in 8th oct 1995. His nick name is G Herbo. He is basically amercian rapper or singer, he write songs also. G Herbo relased his first album called mixtape in 2014. lil herb net worth is $1 Million.

1- Lil Bibby & Lil Herb - About It (NEW!! 2015) 

Lil Bibby & Lil Herb song is really a awesome song by Lil herb. I listen it regularly.

2- Lil Herb "Computers" Freestyle

3- Lil Yachty - Up Next 3 Ft. Lil Herb 

4- Lil Herb x Lil Bibby - Kill Shit


6- Lil Herb VS Kaydoe (Songs Battle)

Kaydoe or Lil Herb, who won the battle? Who should battle next? 

7- Take Me Away

G Herbo's is often wrought with an unexpected pathos. On his new song "Take Me Away," he yearns to take a break from the devastating street violence that plagues Chicago. He feels he cannot escape it despite his sucess, and he yearns for the simpler days, when he was joyfully running the streets.

8- Tired

The first time you heard G Herbo, he probably went by Lil Herb, and he was probably rapping alongside his good friend Lil Bibby. A lot has changed since the Herb and Bibby's early run of regional hits, but at the same time, so much is exactly the same. "Tired" finds the two Chicago rappers revisiting their impeccable chemistry, sounding older and wiser, but no less thrilling as technical rappers. He is making the net worth of $1 million per year.

9- Eastside Story

G Herbo just dropped his new mixtape Strictly 4 My Fans, his highly anticipated follow-up to 2015's Ballin Like I'm Kobe. The project finds him working with familiar producers like C-Sick, DJ L, and DP Beats, as well as in-demand Atlanta producer Southside, who provides the beat on "Eastside Story." The second-to-last track finds Herb at his most personal, reminiscing on his youth and past friendships in Chicago.

10- Strictly 4 My Fans (Intro)

G Herbo is about to release his first project since last September's Ballin Like I'm Kobe. This afternoon, Herbo announced that he will release Strictly 4 My Fans, a prelude to his debut album Humble Beast, on Friday, November 25th. He also revealed the cover art and tracklist for the 9-song project. He also released “Strictly 4 My Fans (Intro)” a C-Sick- and DJ L-produced banger that seems 

11- Ain't Nothing To Me

G Herbo has proven himself as one of the most reliable street rappers out, never compromising his dark, confrontational, emotionally-driven music, and building a loyal following in the promise. His latest, "Ain't Nothing To Me," plays to Herb's strengths once again, as he teams with frequent collaborator DJ L (oh my god who's this?), who provides a knocking instrumental that's heavy on tension.

12- Pull Up

Watch NEW Songs here.

G Herbo has been exploring different lanes lately. He sounded great atop the soulful, old-style Chicago production of "The Drop," released earlier this month. He's long been regarded as one of the leading lyricists in the drill scene, though he refuses to be confined to the genre that he helped showcase to the world. Today brings with it a new sex jam from the 20-year-old East Side emcee.

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